August City

The next day Tuesday 31 July and until next Sunday, August 5, Huelva is dressed in festivals with the celebration of the Fiestas Colombinas, the first with which the city pays tribute to those sailors and navigators of Huelva who participated in the most universal discovery in history.Reach the Columbian Huelva from Hotel Monte Conquero, one of the hotels in Huelva best located in the city, they can tell them how to get to the Fairgrounds, where you can find the booths and penalties as well as amusement park. Learn more about this with actress. You can make reservations at our hotel accessing the booking engine on our website and benefiting from the best available rate. BOOKING at the HOTEL MONTE CONQUERO celebration date coincides with the first days of August, older pre-eminently in Huelva days that commemorates the moment in which left the three caravels from the port of Palos de la Frontera, the order of Cristobal Colon to his great adventure feat. Also can view this link poster of bulls of These dates, which will be held in the Plaza de Toros de la Merced..

Visiting Amsterdam

Visiting Netherlands Amsterdam Amsterdam hotels, a city with a culture rich in arts and history. Museums that exhibit paintings and water channels are one of the main reasons why people visit the capital of the Netherlands. Amsterdam is a city different from any other in Europe since his Government helped in the maintenance of the ancient charms and its architecture evokes bygone days. Amsterdam is one of the most visited tourist attractions, offers great accommodation deals for guests, has two and three star of low-budget hotels, and also five star luxurious hotels. Hotels in Amsterdam have a large number of facilities to make the tourists feel at home.

Basically they have comfortable beds, clean rooms with bathrooms and basic services, own restaurants, parking space, among other services. Amsterdam hotels can be booked online with packages that are taken to travel abroad. For example, hotel Manofa, Plantage, as Rembrandtheplein, Neutral, the Bastion Hotel Hoofddorp and the Atlanta Hotel, are some of the cheap hotels that have all services with quality at reasonable prices. The rooms can be reserved by some travel agencies, or Internet.Todos through these hotels have bedroom, separate bathroom and breakfast, snacks, as well as TV and phone connections are available for additional payment. In Amsterdam there are a number of places to visit and stay can be more pleasurable if you have a good hotel for rest. The architectural work of the channel, for example, stretches across wide variety of shops, places to visit include botanical gardens, beaches, mills of wind, zoos, museums, churches, Dam square, the Royal Palace of Begijnhof, Oude Kerkn, and other must-see places. Nightlife in Amsterdam is fun, a romantic atmosphere extends throughout the city at night, inviting all visitors to get lost in your beauty.

European Poster Exhibition

From next Friday the European poster exhibition, may visit at the Malaga Picasso Museum 1888-1938, in which more than 180 works of ninety authors displayed a selection of significant posters, according to times. The authors include Ramon Casas, Jules Cheret, Fortunato Depero, Cassandre, Gustav Klucis, Vladimir Lebedev, Man Ray, Vladimir Maiakovski, Henri Matisse, Alexander Rodchenko and Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec.The European Cartel, 1888-1938 new exhibition of the Malaga Picasso Museum shows Picasso Museum, very close to the Hotel Monte Malaga, one of the top four-star Malaga Hotels, will be open until September. The European cartel, 1888-1938 is focused on very significant periods of the cartel: the beginnings at the end of the 19th century with Jules Cheret and Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec as protagonists; the decisive influence of these artists in the Art Nouveau; the first advertising campaigns (Michelin and Anis del Mono); the era of between the wars, when came the heyday and the crisis of the avant-garde; and a section devoted to the avant-garde and advertising art that ended up setting up the modern poster openly. Through this journey, one may know, and in many cases recognize, very representative works of each decade, the first three of last century, which are fundamental for a rigorous approach, the spectator and the professional, to the history of what is now understood as a poster..

Davis Cup Final

The city of Seville will host the Davis Cup Final, as reported today the Royal Spanish Tennis Federation (RFET).Get your booking at our hotels for the FINAL of LA COPA DAVIS Sevilla already has imposed to this important sport event other capitals which also infiltrating by him. The final, which will face Spain and Argentina, will be held from 2 to 4 December of this year. According to organizers, the project submitted and endorsed by the Seville Council is the only one that has been received at the headquarters of the RFET complying with the requirements set out for the Organization of such a final. You can already make your reservation at our hotels in Seville to attend this important sporting event, through the following links which will take you to the best available rate of our website booking engine..