Overcome A Midlife Crisis

You watched the movie "The crisis of middle age", directed by Garik Sukachev, starring himself and ? Once again, looking at this wonderful movie, I decided to write this article, this topic and close to me because I just on the threshold of middle age. So let's begin. What is the cause of the crisis of middle age? The main reason is that the man starts to analyze the past and think about the future. This in itself is not bad, but too many of these thinking leads to a sense of the collapse of progress. Reflections appear on the age, that life is short, time is running out. If the man is too early to become a parent, you have grown up to this time the children make even more acute sense its not the young of the year.

In conjunction with the thoughts of their real or invented forms of insolvency is a truly volatile mix. And then it begins the feverish attempts to prove to people that this is not true that youth is still under It attempts to change the situation, changing everything. All these women throwing well acquainted firsthand. Only such a crisis occurs in a woman long before the male, about 30 years. In general, the symptoms are nearly the same, but if a man prevailing ideas about their solvency and achievements, a woman is more concerned with leaving young. Nevertheless, the woman also suffered from unrealized, is looking for ways to express themselves, it suffers from a lack of family favorite rights.