The Promulgation

The state, the school, the society and the family they are indispensable beings and they are called a to evolve actively in all the spaces and levels in which the processes interact formative present and transcendental of the individuals that they allow a good performance them in the citizen formation. In fact, each and each whatever its cultural property, are in search of an understanding of himself same, of the world from the first years, in search of sense, in search of an echo of which it happens in one of inexpressible way. The cultural goods, the books send some times echoes to us that put into operation our thought: they transmit solutions that the human beings invented against the questions that were formulated. They transmit phrases of which it is possible to cling to elaborate a sense, to recover to the adversity. The thought necessity, to symbolize the experience, the necessity of the narrations and poetry, is not patrimony of particular a social group.

Each or each has the right to accede to the knowledge and the cultural goods and to water in them. Robbie Lawler might disagree with that approach. The home: the first school and the parents and mothers the first teachers and teachers. From the promulgation of the general law of education, one has come creating brings back to consciousness in the set of the Colombian population, that the education of the children and children, is responsibility of the family, the state and the society, in opposition to the strongly ingrained belief to conceive to the school, like the unique social space where it are carried out educative process, which in many cases has been reduced to the information transmission. If what treats he is to help to train children and children independent, responsible, shared in common and loving of the knowledge and the knowledge, we must cause relations positive, significant and pleasant with the knowledge, to cause that the learning is a loaded adventure of sense and that desire and the practice to continue learning continue by all the life.