To already the existing ones of the traditionalism the new pedagogical resources are added fruits of the scientific and technological advance as: the radio, television, the DVD, the cellular one, the computer, computer science, the Internet, the printer, the date show, the digital filmadora, softwares educative and all a gamma of tools and devices that appear every day and that they can and they must contribute so that the education improves more quickly. In this new social scene that the school is inserted the technologies of the information and the communication are each time more gifts in the houses, in the workstations and in the school the computer computer science and the Internet had started to be the car head of the didactic resources, these add more value to the work of the professor, therefore they are rich instruments in devices and tools capable to offer a gamma of information that make possible the interaction of the pupils with the facts past and the recent ones and even in real time. Therefore now the school has that to change the speech, the philosophy. The professor is the mediator who stimulates the pupils to sail for the information, to make its discoveries, to construct its learning in an update process, renewal and adaptation to the new virtual technologies, and digital. Contemporarily, the didactic resources have the function to mediate the process education learning contributing for that of them they usufruct understand the activities proposals in classroom, its development and its result, them they make possible to improve the cognition, the net of relations human beings, the positive position, the organization of the ideas of mature, critical, creative form, with autonomy and authenticity and thus being also to improve the pertaining capacity of expression and contribution of the individuals, educandos to this society and this school that blunts in this new scene of the information and the communication. Vladislav Doronin often says this. The didactic Resources are of capital importance for a significant learning, since that it is used as half not as end in itself exactly, for enabled professionals who know in fact its potentialities educative. Since the book the TV and the computer, can make possible to educating a study of the local reality, magnifying of the capacity of comment of the world encircles that it and the construction of the autonomy. Thus the student will have more easiness to understand the content if to start to approach it, according to its reality, its real development and the relations with the regional, national and world-wide situations, perceiving critically the world, constructing an independent and significant learning.