Madureira Club

For the tricolor (of the Laranjeiras) Pablo Netto Rabbit, ' ' he does not have great society or pequena' ' that he does not have one or more self-sacrificing ' ' that they deviate part of its useful time, always with damage of particular interests and the conviviality with the proper family, for the activities of the clubs the one that if dedicam' '. The celebrity Mrio Amrico, who started the career of massagista in the Suburban Tricolor, says in its memories that the protector not only ordered in the club, but in the entire quarter! However it may be, the twisted one, that already it counted on the famous Moral journalists Cautious Neto and Jota Efeg, did not have of what to complain. Beyond being great the meritorious one of the club, Moscoso was its president when Didi played in the Madureira, brought De Campos of the Goitacazes for the director Pink Benedict, in 1947. Related Group may find it difficult to be quoted properly. Already in 1948, the talent of Didi attracted small multitudes to the games of the Madureira, that received proposals tempting from negotiation. However, Moscoso smart decided to hold it a little more, to get one better price more ahead. It made well.

Perfectly adapted in the club, Didi turned a star and the definitive teams At the end of the year played a quick soccer, Moscoso until increased commanded its, but he used to advantage to advise it not to use it ' ' mscara' ' also to foresee that ' ' inside soon, Galvo Council member will be only homesickness in its imaginao' '. Said and made. At the beginning of 1949, Didi was vendido to the Inhabitant of the state of Rio de Janeiro for 500 a thousand cruises. Attention: Aniceto Moscoso is not the Aniceto of the Portela! Although the School of Portela Samba also to be of Madureira (Clear Street Nunes, 81), the author of Disillusion and brother of the Manacia composer if called Aniceto Jose de Andrade.

Artistic Cultural Events

The great controversy concerning the existing entertainment in the artistic-cultural events would be exactly the question to make of the individual a passive citizen, simple consummation of products generated for the great society of mass. However, the fact must be observed as the individual deals with the supplied information it. It’s believed that San Antonio Spurs sees a great future in this idea. Marcellino (2006) goes to affirm that ‘ ‘ as much the practical one, as the consumption, could be active or passive, depending on levels of participation of the person evolved. (P. 20). In the case of the cultural event, the individual, already guided for its individual choices, will be subject to the diverse forms of knowledge and proportionate values for the event, fitting proper itself to give one to these information. ‘ ‘ An active spectator would have as characteristic the selectivity, sensitivity, the understanding, the appreciation and explicao’ ‘ (Idem, pp. 20-21). We observe then that a form of the individuals exists to acquire a satisfactory formation in the cultural events, in what says respect to the local culture and other so necessary aspects of instruction for any individual and social development.

In fact, ‘ ‘ we cannot even though deny the importance of the medias of mass in the diffusion them activities of leisure, taking them to the house them pessoas’ ‘ (they idem, P. 21). In this manner, the artistic-cultural events can take care of to some requirements that contribute for the personal and social development..

Project Universe

Of ' ' Armatrux&#039 group; ' of Minas Gerais? MG, that executes a beautiful work with dolls, ' ' The Band of Boneco' ' it is a creation of the DJ Mountain that she uses of a universe than more magical and makes of its musical talent, the wonderful universe of the magic of the animation, giving life to the fascinating dolls of trupe. of other groups that load a knowledge load that only has embelezar in them with so great imagination. It is cinema thing what they make the manipulators of dolls and mamulengueiros, therefore, to make one mamulengo to cuspir fire, in the responsibility not to set on fire the material and not to harm nobody it is a difficult art and that they make well &#039 very; ' Group Wagon of Mamulengos' ' , and to only make a musical band of dolls? It is thing for ' ' Armatrux' ' , that they are the magicians of this imaginary universe. Without to leave of speaking in the mimic one, that inexplicably she is charming for its fine and cautious quality. I finish saying that the theater and theater our imaginary of the imaginary one of the others are of a esfingtica largeness, that exactly witnessing only is that if it can try to understand what feels, therefore, what to see itself or if feels in a spectacle is not justified, in the maximum if it understands, it is as a passion, fort and irresistible, however, in the quality of a great love, that only invades in them little by little and when we perceive we are without understanding such universe that he is fantastic gostoso and splendid! He is something communicated between the heart and the reason, that is not justified, if feels. *1 Moncho Rodrigues, Spaniard born in Galicia, is coordinating of Project of the northeast and managing Integration of theater.