The Possibilities

Nevertheless I have spoken with survivors of holocausto and although it narrates with sadness its losses, they always have a story or narration of something beautiful that happened to them and immediately connects with their present existence and their new lives. Every day is a new opportunity to improve, to cultivate, to grow, to love, to laugh, to share, to pardon . Each of our lives has its own experiences, is some have been easier, by the time that has been called on to them to live, but in each stage there are its own challenges and possibilities, we must learn of our challenges to fortify itself and appreciate the beautiful details that day to day happen in our lives. ” We are working of the day, and our task is to radiate light. We do not have to spend our energies fighting the dark.

We only needed to create day, and the night desvanecer” Rebe. The life must be centered in which you have, in the possibility of extending and of improving with each dawn. God frees to us of bad moments in our lives, and we appreciate good and the beautiful thing that we have every day and that each owns. Hopefully we are able to see our sides and to support sometimes to it needs which it, only with a smile, words, an approval, a coffee, to notice to which is alongside, only, section, solitaire . .esperando that somebody sees it. To base the life on the possibilities, in which you can and must to forge, in which you can construct and seed, in doing and being able to manage to be. To base the life on the best expression, potential and possibility that you have.