Overcome A Midlife Crisis

You watched the movie "The crisis of middle age", directed by Garik Sukachev, starring himself and ? Once again, looking at this wonderful movie, I decided to write this article, this topic and close to me because I just on the threshold of middle age. So let's begin. What is the cause of the crisis of middle age? The main reason is that the man starts to analyze the past and think about the future. This in itself is not bad, but too many of these thinking leads to a sense of the collapse of progress. Reflections appear on the age, that life is short, time is running out. If the man is too early to become a parent, you have grown up to this time the children make even more acute sense its not the young of the year.

In conjunction with the thoughts of their real or invented forms of insolvency is a truly volatile mix. And then it begins the feverish attempts to prove to people that this is not true that youth is still under It attempts to change the situation, changing everything. All these women throwing well acquainted firsthand. Only such a crisis occurs in a woman long before the male, about 30 years. In general, the symptoms are nearly the same, but if a man prevailing ideas about their solvency and achievements, a woman is more concerned with leaving young. Nevertheless, the woman also suffered from unrealized, is looking for ways to express themselves, it suffers from a lack of family favorite rights.

Higher State

All we need to do in this life for what it is given to us – it's just go back to the original relation to anything that is beyond me. As the return to the state (of love and bestowal to the outside), I start to feel them and themselves as a unit, and property (giving and love), which binds us together is called the Creator. It was originally created us, and especially 'dropped' into the opposite property, that you appreciate all the perfection of the state in which it is created and you have directed themselves to him. And to the extent of your ambitions, you will discover it in himself. Michael Laitman yesterday at the urging of a friend went to the revels Tolkienists.

Maybe, you know, was a writer Tolkien – he wrote a trilogy of the Ring. It was removed by a famous movie about hobbits. So, this book was written long ago, and her whole generation of ardent fans. They are so deeply immersed in the story that just do not want to leave it. These people meet once a year in the spring and play a terrific idea. In the spring haze, a beautiful dress made of thin silk, with flowers in their long silky hair float magic a pair of elves.

This is followed by a string of riders – stately warriors of Middle-earth. Stepping heavily in steel armor, with battle-axes at the ready-paces burly Dwarves. Somewhere hidden among the shadows of evil goblins and bloodthirsty orcs.


Motivation. Once you’ve finished record your dreams, it’s time to increase their motivation to zapolucheniya awareness. Increased motivation can be achieved, for example, reviewing the videos from YouTube, where people enthusiastically share their impressions only after what happened to them wasp. Pick up any videos, pictures, even music that motivates you. Every time you use the technique WBTB, you can rely on those materials that you gathered, they really help for a short time to increase your motivation.

To reach the peak of readiness, your mind, body and heart must be charged with motivating energy. Enough just in the brain to realize that you want the OS. Install a mental link with a vibrant energy that you can feel the navel. When you pay attention to this area at the time, as will render your operating system, notice how the energy is gradually spreading throughout the your body. Just let this energy to move freely. This energy will help you maintain your awareness to know the dream is much easier. Link to the 8-th video in YouTube videos in English, in it the author tells how to increase your motivation and increase your chances of getting a wasp.

Tim looks at his inspiring moments from the film “Matrix” and tells how to set yourself and feel confident. Plan a lucid dream. The last thing you should do before going to bed – is to plan your lucid dream. This can be done: Take the clearest dream of those that you wrote today and remove it ending. Now you must rewrite the ending, as if the events of this dream slowly spilled over into a lucid dream. You should rewrite it as if in fact you dream this dream, and suddenly you notice one of the signs a dream, realize and start doing what I always planned to do in a lucid dream. Be as specific as possible: describes color, people who participate in this dream, my feelings, my reflections, etc. Your story must be completed, write until it’s time, until one realizes that wrote all those things that so wanted to do in Ose. Is there another way to rehearse the OS. It can rehearse right in reality. Just imagine what you’re not awake and asleep. Find some comfortable place for itself and act as if right now you’re in a lucid dream. YOUR lucid dream. Despite the fact that you can not rehearse no magical abilities in ordinary reality, you still can get closer to the feeling of experiencing the OCA in this place where you might as well could be a dream. Choose a place that seems to you most appropriate. Now change your perception and imagine that now is precisely the moment when you realized a dream. What a feeling? Do you still remember and know what you’re planning on doing? If so, how this dream fantasy can be integrated in your lucid dream? If you, for example, planned to fly if you can imagine how at this moment you take off directly from the place where you stand now? Just represented and visualize yourself performing all scheduled, being in a place where you are now. Train yourself to be creative, exercising conceived of in different settings and situations.