Salzburg Festival

The artistic high mass in Salzburg was the Salzburg Festival are placed under legal protection in the present an artistic high mass, which takes a radiance in the international world of culture far beyond the borders of Austria. Currently involves questions about the Salzburg Festival financing, artistic claim and future orientation. In the past was wrestling but also to the name and the copyright legal policy. The year 1936: The Austrofascism ruled ruled in Austria In 1936 the Austrofascism just two years in Austria. So far had been more than dramatic. The year 1934 was marked by social-democratic February uprising and Nazi coup attempt. Chancellor Engelbert dollfuss was murdered, the Nazi Germany increased the pressure on Austria.

And yet wanted to document something like normality the Government in Austria at the Federal and State level, legally off the big politics also dealt with hochgeistigen matters”such as the Salzburg Festival. “Estates Landtag of Salzburg legislature during this period was the so-called class accessory Landtag of Salzburg, without direct elections by professional representatives, that of then the fixed game Protection Act 1936 In the country Gazette for the province of Salzburg, born in 1936, page 67 on March 9, 1936, the law was to protect of the Salzburg Festival” published. It comprised only 6 paragraphs and served the protection of competition in favor of the Salzburg Festival and the name. Protection of the name Salzburg Festival”the first material scope encompassed the name Salzburg Festival”. “The name Festival ‘ could the be used exclusively to designate Salzburg Festival House Church in the city of Salzburg directly or indirectly held musical and theatrical performances by the Club. “Competition clause in favor of the Salzburg Festival events of the Association International Foundation Mozarteum”, not to the one initiated by the Salzburg Festival House Church Performances included, as well as events in the theatre needed Salzburg during the Salzburg Festival including three days before and after an own permit by the Salzburg provincial government.