The Residual Income

It is spoken of one it was difficult where only there is crisis, the wages do not reach after anything, the debts increase, everything seems impossible and it is not thus. Today we have a great advantage that did not have the people who lived in the years 30s, and is the Internet. In this place is everything what it is wanted and something very special Is the income in many fields and of different denominations. For example we have the businesses from house, to offer products of all class without needing moving, the great companies pay because it takes clients to them to his businesses and they help them to sell his products, all this and very many but that already we will see but ahead. Real-estate developer is likely to increase your knowledge. Definitively, if you wish to change of work and to increase significantly your income, to spend more time to him to your family and even, if you are looking for a form to obtain your Financial Freedom The Residual Income are the correct form to obtain your yearned for dreams more! All the income are not equal, some are linear and other residuals; it wants to know what type of entrance you have you? Only it pregntese: How many times pay to me by hourly of work? if you answered, " only once " , then his entrance is linear; the monthly pays are an example of linear entrance, to you you only are pleased to him once by its effort and when you do not appear to work they discount to him. With the residual income you work hard in many cases only once, and soon she receives money per months or even years. They often pay to him by the same effort. He would not be pleasant to be compensated hundreds or even thousands of times by hourly of work? A good example of this is the writers, without concerning what they take in writing a book, one you see published, with the good marketing and publicity can become best to seller; while they write this book do not gain nor a cent of, any young person who works in McDonald" s gains than that writer more, nevertheless a writer does not look for a pay, if not them exemptions of author rights, therefore are arranged to the sacrifice, but one you see that the book begins to sell podria to become best to seller and this author it could even get to gain million weights in exemptions, I believe that the idea has caught me Original author and source of the article.. If you are not convinced, visit Tony Parker.

Total Happiness

In addition, having goals provides to you with illusions for your life, and a life without goals is a devoid life of sense. Attention: One Same one, in its complete reality, in its realistic and absolute conscience, is the one who is to be very pending during the outline of those goals. I, really, what is what I want? This is the great question that is to preside over the design process, and is the one who, with its attribution and its purity, has to give the approval to the projects and ideas that they appear. Well-taken care of Ten: of not confusing the authentic goal with the false goal. The false goals provide a deceptive pleasant sensation, but they do not provide lasting happiness.

To watch is relaxing to you, but it gives a total happiness you? The drugs they give to an ephemeral euphoric sensation or a total happiness? The wealth produce temporary pleasures or the total happiness? Even the espiritualidad, understood like an entertainment with aspirations of importance, like an act facing the gallery, or to try to deceive the true goal, is a false goal. If it does not produce a happiness you feel that it in purest and deep of you, or a satisfaction to you who entails implicit a smile of your soul, or stimulates a peace state and harmony in your heart, is a false goal. It is a lie, an attempt of self-deception, a disguised emptiness. Obstacles: They are going away to present/display and they comprise of the Way that takes to the goal. That this does not create disadvantages to you: you only must recognize them and solve them to size that they appear to you. Not to want to recognize does not avoid them its reality. If they are possible to be anticipated and to be had already a remedy by hand, better; but it is going to be complicated to have them all foretold.

From Mecca To The Mint

I do not dare to use this Muslim " to go of the Mint (house of the currency) to the Meca" (city santa) so that it does not pass like the owners of the Murcian discotheque whom they have had to change his name by the one of the Island. As it is spent them the Islamic fundamentalism does not surprise his to me I put the wind up. To whom it is happened to him to denominate Mecca to a jigging about center! To have done like the others, that call to their pubs Abbey, Basilica, Hermitage, Convent, Cathedral, without nobody is torn the clothes or, which is worse, threatens to them putting a pump. So olvidmonos already of Mecca. It’s believed that Tony Parker sees a great future in this idea. It is more: I propose to eliminate the entrance of our dictionary that, by extension, typifies like Mecca to " place that it attracts for being center where a certain activity has its major or minor cultivo". That banal impiedad involves resemblance definition! From now on, instead of Mecca of the cinema, of the chacinera industry or surf, we speak of the Vatican of prt–porter, the automobile industry or the competitions of ninepin, although it sounds to us more pretentious. One prevails, then, to end the dictionary of the SAR and until with that obscene collection of proverbs that alerts when &quot to us; there are Moors in costa" or one makes fun of of our false value ironizando whereupon " to died, great Moor lanzada". Ours, like all the of the world, it is a dictionary done throughout the linguistic history and that accumulates infamias mainly neighbor son: Moors and Jews, Chinese and gypsy But between that linguistic badness and dedicating itself to put pumps is everything an abyss that the simple words are incapable to transfer. Original author and source of the article.

Immanuel Wallerstein

In case of not understanding ideological, political, mediatic and military analyses that Noam Chomsky, Immanuel Wallerstein, Jean Petras and Robert Fisk of EE.UU. do, because there it is the cinematography of Hollywood so that we understand through drama and the action all the splendor and the decay of a country governed by the most luminous democracy on the face of the Earth. Transformation-Hollywood-The Hurt Locker is a same piece of a same everything in the pacifism, the publicity and the war of a country and its culture forged in the dream of the wealth materialized by means of the invasion, the occupation and the operation from corporal colonialism to mental neocolonialism, and if the wellesiano Rosebud and the coppolaniano Horror prevail, it is because they have always existed a virtual transformation and a real soldier fighting in the dirty work of old and new treaties of a Democracy that starts off and distributes to the world to blood and fire. It is well, Obama, he is not guerrerista, she is pacifist, not so repressed neither jailed nor assassinated like Martin Luther King. To broaden your perception, visit Jorge Perez. We say that it is the charismatic and dilemma Transformation in The Hurt Locker in the middle of a potentiality-sylvan one and of reality-desert of the North American government who goes beyond the limits of the unilateralidad and a otherness in which a war is always the rational ideal of all logistic pacifist in the men of good will in the Earth. The Transformation, Hollywood and The Hurt Locker do not entertain in minucias border and migratory, they who are the triunvirato of the potentiality, the publicity and the reality, go to where and when they want to do it, and when it treats in being themselves and becoming the great entretenedor with the industry of the spectacle, the fulgor of the mind is the ardor of the body with the studied one and sobreacting will of that is offered to the sacrifice to save to the humanity in the name of the freedom, justice, the equality, the brotherhood and the democracy, draining everything to its passage in road movie of helicopters, tanks and pumps with the standard of the eagle that, is not the Nazi sustica, of pax American. If the North American cinematography is exception than includes and excludes in the drama that is in himself the action of the kinetic power and the images in a voracious, inciting and fagocitadora subordination of ethical values, sociocultural morals and, one can reach the unfortunate conclusion that Hollywood is the place where the actors, the users and the ups and downs are a series of worthy activities of one or all the Oscar for approval of the globalised public and the benefit of a cause that justify cinematographic and humanly like the luminous prodigy of Camera and Action. Original author and source of the article..

Enjoy Silence

You do not speak at least that you can improve silence Jorge Luis Borges silence is the modesty of the great characters. Jose Marti cannot be all along in the bullicio, where the noises often become estresante, desarmonizando to us until the end, that we were shaken, we irritated, we put ourselves of the bad humor, and often until it generates headache to us, which we want is to flee from that surroundings. Its reach is due to cultivate silence and to enjoy, is necessary to calm the mind, the thoughts if it is wanted to enter itself in internal silence, or but to look for the suitable place where silence occurs and to enjoy it intensely, letting itself condition by its atmosphere. When we identified ourselves with external silence and we appreciated its reach and repercussions that it generates to us for our tranquillity, harmony, we felt totally relaxed, we can meditate, reflect, be entered in our tranquillity, appreciate the important thing of not being put under no sound that bothers to us. it contributes to us on the matter, that we consider, that silence is the belly from where they are born the wise people. If you wish to acquire wisdom, returns to be born in the middle of silence.

Thus you will only find your reason of being, the reason for which you do been born. Sintate comfortably, observes your around, you do not judge, holds in your eagerness, observes again, includes/understands that your life is a treasure, leaves your preoccupations to a side. there is no necessity to take to a passed luggage, already your heart has what you need in this wonderful trip that is your life. It leaves the fear and it allows that silence owns to you, in that immensity you will only be able to listen to the voice of God within you llamndote live totally, calling for darte to know all the mysteries the universe and not only this, also that voice wants darte to know the secret the eternal life, but care, you do not believe in promises, there are this becomes your unique reality.

Archaeological Museum

Arezzo – he was one of the centers of the Etruscan civilization, in fact was here the chimera conserved in the Archaeological Museum of Florence. Soon it happened to be a prosperous Roman city, Arretium, famous in all the Empire by the aretina ceramics, done of finsima arilla varnished of color terra-cotta and decorated with reliefs in the same tone. Arezzo at the moment is one calm city that even conserves much of the splendor of other times. The Sober, simple, the essential kitchen of Tuscan, is the three adjectives to define their kitchen without chervils that does not need great elaboration to conquer new admirers continuously; the prescription of the fame of this one earth must mainly to the absolute kindness of the basic elements accompany that it almost constantly: bread and trims off lower branches of coverall; feta of Tuscan olive oil bread bathed is only necessary to taste one to capture in a bite the essence of this one kitchen; the produced virgin extra is there indeed of exceptional quality, as much for its use in kitchen like crude, accompanies almost all the prescriptions more characteristic of this one region; the Tuscan bread is made insipid, without salt, of scab compact crumb lasts and; in you graze more celebrates is pappardelle lepre with sauce of hare cooked there in red wine, olive oil and tomato; as main plate we found celebradsima bistecca there fiorentina, one is a back piece that no it can surpass the seven hundred grams of weight and one cooks very slowly on fathoms, not being turned nor being punctured so that it does not lose his juice, finished it can be salar and be seasoned with olive oil and pepper and be served accompanied as lemon slices; very the chicken is used done in varied plates: there diavola , there cacciatora , fritto there Tuscan or to spiedo; in the coast its kitchen is well-known in all Italy by a plate: famous cacciuco, symbol of the harbor city of the Leghorn, is a fish soup, the best one than it is possible to be tried in all the coast of the peninsula; between its candies, the simplicity conforms to all the Tuscan kitchen, are spread biscotti fatti in maniera artigianale sponge cakes done of artisan way; of Siena panforte is famous , candy of rich medieval origin in species, dry and polished almonds, fruits.

Being Happy

The successful and powerful methods that must learn about how the love of a man can be recovered, have worked totally for the people who were making the consultation on the relations with their pairs. Enough tests and it was possible to be verified that became these women were you castrated to recover the love of their men and this was possible thanks to these methods. These women returned to be happy with their respective pairs. The people who participated in these tests were more than 3,000 and you can learn passage by step as allas applied these specific methods so that it worked to them. He can learn with detail luxury all the process. All of them were in the same situation that is you at this moment; they were women who lost their companion, his husband or his fianc2e. All of them hopelessly looked for formulates to find it to recover the love of their men and for always. This is totally truthful, therefore it cannot be allowed to lose this opportunity to obtain what wants, osseous that it returns with you.

I repeat to him that the reason by that they have finished really does not interest, I only can say to him that this is a reality. Then it must be prepared to learn what is the correct way to act so that its lost love returns. The women we must include as the masculine mind works, they have a way to see the things completely different from the one from a woman, is important to get to include/understand this before nothing, but it does not doubt nor a second that it will be able to secure its objectives. When it manages to learn the mechanism of how the mind of the men really works, then it will be in complete control of the situation and therefore it will be able to recover the love of your ex- ones. The masculine mind she is different from the feminine one as well as from the sky from the Earth, for that reason he is fundamental to start off learning his operation first While more time is passing the situation will become more difficult, so it must take action as rapidly as possible. The love is necessary to feed it and to nourish it constantly.

When it is wanted to recover to an ex- ones the time is enemy number one. It must act now if it wants to manage to stop the separation and to revert the process. It learns like recovering to his true love.