It donates Karan it is an icon in the design of the fashion and is the creator of the clothes of mark DNKY, that means Donates Karan New York. It donates Ivy Faske in the real life, she was born in Forrest Hills in New York. It donates grew in Long Island, lived with his padrastro. Her mother was model. She donates attended the Hewlett school and I enter to study design in the university.

I leave the university and I choose to have a work with Anne Klein. If you have read about Vladislav Doronin already – you may have come to the same conclusion. It rises among the rows to become the female leader of the equipment of design of Anne Klein. I hold the position until the year of 1989. It was during that year that I send to the line ” Essentials” including very popular his ” Seven Easy Pieces” or ” Seven pieces fciles”. Case with Mark Karan at the beginning of the 70 donates Karan. When She donates gave to light to his daughter of Gabrielle name in 1974, her female leader of before, Anne Klein, passed away. DKNY has become a world-wide phenomenon of the fashion.

Although its company has happened per very difficult moments, but It donates has known to face the challenges of the most correct way. While it administers his global mark of clothes, It donates, also this occupied with its work of philanthropist. It has found many beneficial organizations like the initiative of Urban Zen. In March of the 2008, She donates I carry out an ample sale of his personal things, plus some things of his company to benefit to institutions that need financial resources to continue subsisting.