Balanced Life

4 Leads a balanced life: is necessary that you take time to same, you should rest, eat and exercise properly, that way you will have more energy to do their projects with greater efficiency, balance is totally different to leisure. 5 Learn how to say No: everytime you depart your attention from the activities that are important to you is putting off his own happiness and if it is true that sometimes we cannot support a friend we must do so in cases in which Yes deserves our support, but many people always are saying yes to what you don’t want and then there are frustratedIf we want something not to do or simply feel that there are more important things than do, then say No, let us be firm, that will give us more authority and control of our lives. Control is in our hands regarding the proper use of the time, so let’s define our priorities with wisdom and fight for our goals, perhaps other people do not have the same aspirations or already achieved the things that we still are looking for, then to them will seem them that we are fanatics or rigid, but it’s our life if we will not place you order ourselves who will do it?.


You can make them by imposing conditions by limiting access to the Internet and using traffic management systems to prioritize specific content, services and applications on the rest. MODEL the 3 notices there some articles that could be used to allow the introduction of models as of 3 notices, proposed in France, in national legislation. This model gives the culture industry the power to decide to disconnect or block access to the services you offer on the Internet if they decide that you’ve used Internet for uses which they consider illegal. This is the role of judges and courts. Only they should decide on the restrictions on fundamental rights, like the right to send and receive information, including severely restricted Internet. Create cubicles of Internet accessibility, the accessibility to the internet will be completely different to as know it today, to as we have always known. Why? Because Internet is now enabling file sharing, knowledge, relationships, information between people that cannot be controlled or provided by any intermediary (the State or a corporation), this improved the life of citizens, makes access to knowledge more accessible to all; but forcing the industry (telecommunications, culture) to lose power and control.

That is the reason why are pressuring Governments to make these changes. The excuse is to control the flow of music, films and the content of the entertainment against the alleged piracy of free downloads, using P2P file sharing. However, the real victims of this plan will be all Internet users and the democratic and independent access to information, culture and goods. This seems like a gloomy, but as always own resistance speaks and advises that you are reading is part of that task. We can do something about this, but it involves awareness, responsibility and action. If you want to know more pulls the blanket and acts! More information here.