Tourist Attractions In London Free

Although London carry with you the label of being one of the most expensive European capitals, with a few tips utlies can raise you a trip to London and even save. There are many companies low cost fly to London, so following their flight deals will be easy, and above all cheap, arriving in the city. Hence, the next concern will be the accommodation: to find London hotels with a good price, a few minutes on the network and you have solved the problem of the hotel. During your stay in the English capital, you can spend time learning in one of the museums of London, such as the British Museum, the National Gallery and the Tate Modern: culture is priceless, so tickets to these museums are free. London is a very well-connected city. London’s transport has become a recognized image worldwide, millions of mugs, suitcases and all kinds of items with the map of the Tube (subway), photographs of traditional red buses of two floors: all this leads us to use transport public instead of walking, which is healthy and doesn’t cost any effort into his pocket. Many of the points of tourist interest in London are nearby. This is the case of Westminster, a walk through this area take you to Big Ben, Parliament Square and Westminster Abbey.

In Soho and along the River Thames, you will see the London Eye, South Bank Centre and the Tate Modern. Buy you a map and put the sneakers, the markets from Brick Lane to Spitalfields in East London await. The capital of the United Kingdom also has many green areas. Parks such as Hyde Park and the Regent s Park are the perfect place for organizing picnics during good weather and it is where you will find Londoners sunbathing. You can skate, play football or cricket, throwing the dish, any activity that makes you relax and enjoy your free time. Among the vast cultural offer that offers London, going to see a free concert can be a good alternative to the disco to save a little bit and have fun a lot. At the Barbican, in South Bank, There are free concerts in some of the parks in the city during the summer and even in Trafalgar Square. Time Out Magazine or the official website of London will help you choose the concert that you like most. In the lagoons of Hamsptead Heath, highest point in London, you can take a bath: there’s even a gap only for women. In summer it is the ideal place to cool off and escape for a few hours of the buillicio of the city, although most brave Londoners acurren throughout the year!


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