Possibly ever feel that all the topics on which you want to write on your Blog already have been covered. Information, tips, systems and tactics have been drafted for your fellow Networkers. Do you then wonder: someone will read something of what I write? Is it worth keep trying? Sometimes we feel discouraged and in those moments it is very easy to forget one of the most important things: No matter how little you have advanced along the way, surely have gone much further than many people who are out there making plans and thinking how to start. It is very important that you remember that you did already the hardest thing: take action, gave the first step! No matter if you think that everything has already been said before, the best products have been created and everyone knows what you know (therefore sometimes you questions how can add value if everything has been said already?) Remember that outside there are people that do not they know how to make a Blog, do not know what tools to use, do not know what a mailing list and have no idea how to create it so it if you really know do you have the knowledge that other people would like to have! There are many hungry people who may feel affinity toward you. No matter how simple is your information. Remember: an unconscious of a man step is another mountain man teaches other people to climb the mountain and you will not only have a client, you’ll have a fan for life! The Internet is a huge place. literally spans the globe, and there are thousands of people every day starting their first steps.

All these people want to hear from you, in fact, they need to hear from you focus on what problems you have had to deal with when you started, what lessons have you learned, what knowledge already purchased up to where you are now. Imagine if someone had given you all these answers the first day! Even if it is only how to record a video or how to change the theme of your Blog there are many people who don’t know what to do and you’ll be providing them with such valuable information.! I know that when all around us are Networkers professionals or people who is trying earnestly to become one of them, it is easy to forget that your potential customers do not know what you know! Therefore, I recommend making a list of all the lessons that you have learned, and the knowledge that you can share and forget about people who think that they know more than you to begin sharing the treasure of knowledge that you have inside you. Become a creator of value to other people, help them, teach them and you’ll see that little by little, the successes will begin to arrive by themselves never forget that you are a unique being, have much value and… you know more than you think!