Bruges is a city with a lot of charm and has been regarded by many as one of the most romantic European destinations the tranquility of its cobbled streets, the beauty of the channels and the typical atmosphere of a novel of romance insurance that also will wake up your most romantic side however, not everything in Bruges has to be as pastelazo as a good Belgian cityBruges has excellent bars that serve many different types of beer and it is worth to try them. That Yes, it does not need to try all varieties the same night I advise that you stay in Bruges hostels if you decide to visit the city, because you can save on accommodation and spend that extra money to beer, Belgian chocolate, souvenirs or whatever you want. Having said that, I leave you with some of my favorite bars in Bruges. t Brugs Beertje this brewery this located in the Centre of Bruges and has 300 different Belgian beers (5 barrel). The establishment is decorated with products, posters and articles related to beer and its process elaboration, giving you a very special atmosphere. The staff is very pleasant and, despite being in the Center, is not a trap for tourists my favorite beer? Kwak, and ask that they serve you with the Cup that touches! Staminee de Garre situated between the two most important squares of the city, Markt and Burg, this bar is located in a medieval building with wooden floors that creak when you pass. It is somewhat hidden so few tourists discovered, so it remains a local gem. In the letter you will find hundreds of beers, but instead of serving them with a few peanuts they will give you a plate with cubes of cheese, incredibly good! The stairs are a bit steep, so keep it in mind after a few rounds t Hof van Rembrandt this pub enters the more traditional definition of the word pub: great variety of beers, dark wood furniture, leather sofas, candles on the tables, fireplace, classic food, atmosphere of pub at 100%.

They also have tables and chairs outdoor, so if the weather is the perfect place to relax watching people pass. De Coulissen does that you are more than clubs? Nothing happens! Coulissen is the ideal place. The Baroque facade may confuse more than one, but the old Bank in Bruges today is home to the best nightclub in the city. There you can dance to rhythm of R n B, dance, club, and basically everything that occurs at the time. I hope these four tips will serve of help if you decide to visit Bruges, although obviously in the city you will find many other premises in which environment you do not disappoint, and the beer sure either.