The Pomeranian is very active, intelligent, courageous and loyal. However, it may not interact well with young children, and because of its small size can suffer abuse from children. Keep in mind that a dog is spiteful, and strong character, like all spitz, so it will not tolerate the abuse by young, rising to bite. If we reach this situation, the animal will always be remembered, and will appear elusive and troublesome in the presence of children. The Pomeranian can be trained as watchdogs: announce the arrival of intruders with sharp and loud barking. Unfortunately, the lack of a thorough training has given them a reputation for constant barking for no reason. The Pomeranian easily adapt to urban life and are great for the field, where instinct is awakened deep hunter their wild ancestors. The Pomeranian dog is a dog of an independent character, and sometimes gives the impression of being a solitary animal.They do not especially like physical contact, although they acknowledge the touch, and scratch their backs and ears, which are more sensitive. Due to its small size, and stuffed their appearance, people have an unhealthy tendency to take the dog in her arms, which the animal dislikes. However, they are extremely loyal, and like to spend long hours lying at the feet of their masters. Have a preference for one person in the family, although they were faithful and obedient to all people. It is not uncommon to show fearful and aggressive in the presence of strangers. The Pomeranian is a dog extremely jealous, capricious, and territorial, and because of its small size, the owners are spoiling, and comply. If you are trying to introduce another dog, next to the pomeranian, is best done when the animal is still puppy, otherwise it will not tolerate the presence of another animal. It is recommended not to join the pomeranian with large breed dogs.Its small size, and fine bones, make him susceptible to serious damage of the games of a large dog and can cause death unintentionally. Because of its thick coat of hair, double layer, it is not unusual to find the dog pom resting on hard surfaces, and fresh. Be especially careful in summer, they tend to look cool and shady corners where you lie down, and stepped risks.