Terrestrial and Marine

Terrestrial and Marine Engineer The Engineer Land and Maritime Corporation (MTM) is a company founded in Barcelona on September 14, 1855, the result of the merger between the workshops Espar Giralt Valentin (Valentin Espar and fellow members, the company acquired Bonaplata in 1839) and the Society The Barceloneta (Tous, Ascac bar and Company), founded in 1838 by Nicolas Tous Ascac bar Mirapeix and Celedonio. In the beginning was dedicated to the construction of all types of heavy machinery. The main shareholders were also the owners appointed Bonaplata Ramon, Josep M. Serra, Joan G ell Ferrer, Jos Antonio de Mendiguren and Nicolau Tous Soler. His first workshops were built in the Barcelona neighborhood of “La Barceloneta”, in 1861, with a total area of 17,500 m . Contanban with 1,200 workers.In 1917, building its second factory, in Barcelona neighborhoods of Sant Andreu de Palomar “and” Good Shepherd “, with an area of 100,000 m2, reaching a workforce of 3,000 workers. By 1965, the workshops of “La Barceloneta” were dismantled, remaining stock of products, which, though completed, were not sold until later. By 1993, the workshops of “Sant Andreu” were completely dismantled and moved to some workshops were built between the towns of Santa Perpetua of Mogoda and Mollet del Vall s, fusing with the veteran also MACOSA, both bought by the French multinational GEC Alsthom .