The Frito Company

The company was founded in 1932 by entrepreneur in San Antonio, (Texas) Elmer Dollin. According to legend, Dollin, an employee of Highland Park Confectionery, had been looking for a new food business to add to your homemade ice cream and fried foods, since the company at the time was facing bankruptcy, being about to sell your business and return to Mexico. One day he entered a cafe in San Antonio, Texas where he bought some chips made from corn to accompany your sandwich, then after thinking about it, he realized that these chips could be its salvation and it was better to sell your business. Dollin Elmer spoke with the owner of coffee on those chips and bought for 100 recipe, 19 accounts of retail and machine to make those chips.Then he established his business in his mother’s kitchen, where having no money to pay employees, Elmer Dollin, his mother Daisy and his brother Earl Fried made the first ever, at night making them by hand and molding the rigid mass and wetting to thin it, then was stuck in the machine to be baked and then were packaged in bags of 5 cents, the only time that the bags were sold. Curiously, these bags are still used today, which makes it more fried identified. The family produced 4 kg and half a day and earned 8 or 10 per day. Shortly thereafter, the increased demand for those chips, installing the kitchen and garage. Its production rose from 4 kg and a half per day, and a third to 45 kilograms per hour. Much cr was due to a machine created by the brothers Dollin called The Hammer, in which the knife that cuts out the Fritos was hit by a hammer, getting the chips cut to exact size.The rapid growth of online production, caused by year-end is operated in Houston and Dallas, also changed the headquarters from San Antonio to Dallas for the location in central Texas and the greater accessibility to raw materials. In 1937 The Frito Company opened its laboratory research and development, being the first of its kind in the industry. The pleas were the result of search by Elmer Dollin of resources such as high quality corn. Other new products were added to production as Fried Potato Chips, later called Ta-cough, which were introduced in 1935, followed by Fried Peanut Butter Sandwiches and Fritos Peanuts in 1937. The brothers bought Dollin machinery and equipment technology for your company, employing hundreds of people. In 1941 Fried opened its Western Division in Los Angeles. Furthermore deliver orders to stores and supermarkets themselves.But after the outbreak of the Second World War as well as business slowed labor, the result of recruitment of civilians to go to war. The prosperity of the company returned to end the war in 1945. With a population increase, had found prosperity in America and there were increasing demand for Fritos. It was then established The Fritos Sale Company, which separated sales from production activities. The Frito Sales Company was made to convert the distribution of the company’s own routes and Enginnering Sales Division was charged with analyzing the sales potential of different areas of trade and designate appropriate routes. This distribution system, which is in regular use today, allowed each to serve a truck route and leave the customer directly Fritos. In 1945 The Frito National Company conducted its most ambitious expansion plan, offering 6 franchises. There was a special exemption that was offered to the HWLay Company in Atlanta, GA. Herman W. Lay to distribute and manufacture products of Fritos in the Southeast U.S., leading the beginning of fellowship between the two companies and among the owners, Herman W. Lay and Elmer Dollin, causing future events such as merging the two companies in 1961. In 1947 he was offered to Hawaii were a franchise and franchises throughout the United States. The vision of Elmer expansion Dollin made 3 years after 1950, Fritos were sold in 48 U.S. states and in 1962 was sold Fritos in 48 countries. The Frito Company offered its first offer of supply sales in 1954 reached 21 million dollars. In 1956 in a move to consolidate its national distribution and creating the first national company sandwiches, The Frito Company began buying franchises that were sold and purchased snacks Regional Companies. Dollin Elmer used his imagination to turn a business into a multimillion-dollar kitchen.