The joy of being famos

“I am sad and I’m famous smile that money paid to collect and listen to why I enjoy and I ask nothing back if you famous work and fame to know to maintain,” says a song so popular Puerto Rican salsa Hector Lavoe. Examples of famous stars who have failed to assimilate the fame and success abound. Today start with a series of posts that will try cases of stars on after reaching the pinnacle of success in their careers have ended their lives tragically.Some have died in misery, others have committed suicide and some have died mysteriously, and details about their deaths still remain a mystery. A very well known and which are ignored even some details about his physical disappearance is that of Marilyn Monroe. This exotic blonde, whose real name is Norma Jeane Baker, born 01 June 1926 (in Los Angeles, California). It is considered by many critics as one of the biggest myths of cinema and the greatest sex symbol of mid-twentieth century. He began his career as a model since 1946 and began playing bit parts in films of class B In 1950 he won two short but important roles in The Asphalt Jungle and All About Eve. In 1953 appeared in the inaugural issue of Playboy magazine and starred in the comedy Gentlemen Prefer Blondes. In the mid-1950s he studied at the Actors Studio and formed Marilyn Monroe Productions. The company produced Bus Stop, which received a Golden Globe nomination In 1960 he won the Golden Globe for best actress in a comedy or musical for her performance in Some Like it Hot.3 These are some touches that can have an idea of the hectic life that filled this famous American star. This gorgeous blonde was married several times. On January 14, 1954 decided to embark on a second marriage. This time with baseball superstar, Joe DiMaggio. This union lasted only seven months. On 29 June 1956, Marilyn was united in marriage to playwright Arthur Miller. The film “The Misfits” was written by him especially for Marilyn. This was the last complete work of Marilyn. Miller and Marilyn were divorced on 20 January 1961. In 1962, Marilyn was hailed as the most popular star in the world ( “World’s Most Popular Star”) with the delivery of Globo de Oro (Golden Globe), reaffirming its reputation and international recognition. On the 4th of August of that year, just 36 years old, Marilyn Monroe died in her sleep at his home in Brentwood, California. The world suffered for their loss. His body was interred in the Westwood Memorial Park, Corridor of Memories, 24, also of Los Angeles. This extraordinary woman had everything a man could want: fame, money and beauty. Despite reaching the summit of popularity, apparently realized that very few can absorb the solitude in which it is when you reach the top.