The Latin American

The Latin American Surf Surfing is booming in Latin America and especially in countries like Peru, Puerto Rico, Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay, Venezuela, Chile, Mexico, Costa Rica, etc.. Peru hosted the Second Championship Surf (ISF) in 1965, he did stress upon the popular beach of Punta Rocas Peru. This was champion Peruvian Felipe Pomar. In Peru, the leading figure of Peruvian surf is world champion Sofia Mulanovich. In Puerto Rico, was surfing off the coast of Aguadilla Rincon and also on the island of Culebra. The formation of waves (especially in the area of Rincon) is quite similar to the waves in Hawaii. In Venezuela this sport is practiced mostly in the Caribbean Sea coast, whose natural conditions are very favorable (large variety of beaches, good surf and wonderful weather all year), particularly in Margarita Island and the states of Vargas , Aragua and Sucre.In Argentina, the surf is only an occasional sport to be exclusive and massively practiced, in the summer season, where the Argentinean most beaches chosen for surfing are Mar del Plata, Miramar, Necochea and Balneario El Condor, Bajada de Picoto and the jetty. Balneario El Condor is just 30 km from the city of Viedma, capital of black river. Picoto depression is approximately 2 km from spa condor. The Espigon is a beach located in the province of Black River, 45 km from the city of Viedma. On this beach there are activities such as fishing and sports such as surfing and bodyboarding. The size of the waves is not constant but reach more than three meters sudestada days. More than 15 years which began with surfing on these shores but never exceed twenty tables in the sea, these sports are beginning to become more popular among the inhabitants of the region Viedma-Patagones, very rare Once surfers come from other places to enjoy the waves.Mar del Plata, Miramar and Necochea are the areas that receive from the tidal waves from the south. The point that marks the beginning of this area is good waves out of the silver sea current, location, and one of the most exposed points of the coast, at that point the crashing point east, thence south, beaches are rotated up necochea practimente point south. These 2 points are aproxmadamente 150 km, so finding a suitable wind breaker with a trip that can be performed on the day. In the winter after a sudestada the waves can reach 2.5 meters ahead. In Chile, due to the low temperature of the sea, surfing is practiced mostly from the northern region VIII, and on Easter Island. A good choice for surfers from central Chile is the town of Pichilemu, where the last time surfing has become a very popular sport. However, this sport-growing mass within the country-is practiced mostly in northern Chile, Arica consolidating as much seat thanks to its climate.For example the “International Surfing Championship Arica Big Buey” and WCT Rip Curl Pro Search Arica Chile. The best months for surfing in Chile are the winter, as storms are common in the south produce large waves that hit the northern coast and several days later.