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Article 13. Noise from airports. Airports are considered as industrial sectors and the noise should be evaluated as stipulated in the present resolution for this type of sectors. Chapter III of the environmental noise article 14. Applicability of ambient noise. The results obtained in measurements of ambient noise, should be used to make the diagnosis of the environment by noise. The results are noise maps which allow to visualize reality as regards environmental noise, to identify areas critical and potential polluters by emission of noise, among others. Environmental noise measurements carried out in accordance with the procedure laid down in chapters II and III of annex 3 to this resolution.

Article 15. Interval of time of reference do T. For the measurement of sound pressure levels weighted equivalent continuous A – LAeq, T do, is set as a reference time span – T, fourteen (14) hours for the daytime and ten (10) hours for the night, corresponding with what was expressed in article 2 of this r resolution, thus obtaining the respective levels, LAeq, d, daytime and LAeq, n, Nocturne, independent of the other.? The methodology for measuring the time interval of measurement unit (per hour) should be used for measures of noise at the time of reference intervals established in article 5 of this resolution. Article 16. Long-term measurement does T. time interval Is set to one (1) calendar year as long-term measurement time interval – T. However, if the applications of the environmental study being performed are for periods of less than one (1) year; as in the case of special events such as carnivals, high season of tourism, fairs and festivals, among others, this time interval can be reduced and should be clearly specified. You should choose mode that variations in the noise emission should be covered.