The Presidency of Manuel Gonzalez

Manuel del Refugio Gonz lez Flores, friends and fellow military Diaz. In reward for his services during the Revolution of Tuxtepec, Diaz was awarded the governorship of Michoacan and later the War Office. Elected president in 1880, the government’s actions were tainted by corruption office chairs scandals. After leaving office, he served as governor of Guanajuato. He died in 1893.
Manuel Gonzalez was a soldier born in 1833 in Tamaulipas. Participate in the American intervention in Mexico, as a lieutenant and later fought in the War of Reform, Conservative side. However, bar stools during the French dining chairs intervention in Mexico, decided to abandon the conservative ranks and join the liberal army because of his memories of U.S. intervention, when his father was killed by U.S. troops. This incident made him switch sides before the new foreign invasion. During the war against the French, fought alongside Gonzalez Diaz and became lieutenant general of the Army of the East, thus participating in many battles against the French army. When Diaz was arrested in Puebla, in 1865, Gonzalez was the one who kept the guerrillas in Oaxaca. During the battle of April 2, Gonzalez received a bullet wound in the left arm amputee who was that day. During the revolt caused by the Plan de la Noria, Gonzalez Diaz despite support for the defeat of the insurgent army. Again, during the Revolution of Tuxtepec, Gonzalez he proved faithful to the army of Diaz, who except the final defeat on 16 November 1876, at the Battle of Tecoac. Wounded in the latter confrontation, Diaz appointed him minister of war, for their service in the war. In late 1879 he was appointed presidential candidate and a year later became president.
During his reign, Manuel Gonzalez pushed for the creation of railroads, gave awards to the creation of the first telegraph network in the country and the foundation of the First National Bank, forerunner computer desk of the current Bank of Mexico. However, these advances in the country’s economy, were marked by frequent corruption scandals and mismanagement in the government of Gonzalez. In November 1881, the emission of a nickel coin, replacing the silver in circulation, caused an economic crisis. He nearly burst a revolt against the republican authorities, but the upholstery intervention of the government except cushions Diaz Gonzalez suffered a civil war.
The main charge against Gonzalez during his government of corruption was sponsored by Diaz and Manuel Romero Rubio. According to Francisco Bulnes studies, the aim of Diaz and Romero Rubio was, “Gonzalez prevent him take pleasure in the presidential race, and so do you give it back to Diaz in 1884.” Salvador Quevedo y Zubieta, a afin intellectual Diaz, began a campaign of vilification directed at Gonzalez, arguing that because of losing his right arm, the president had developed a large sexual appetite and that he then had brought from Circassia, Russia to a woman staying in her Hacienda de Chapingo. Although this rumor was never verified, President Gonzalez if achievement of the Civil Code reform in order to inherit his second family, the way to Jane Horn.
Porfirio Diaz was appointed by Manuel Gonzalez as Minister of Development, and from that position coordinates the campaign against Gonzalez. After being widowed, General Diaz began to participate in social gatherings of the Mexican political class. In May 1881 Carmen Romero Rubio met at a party school furniture hosted by Ambassador Foster. Under the pretext of taking English language classes, Diaz frequented the house of Romero Rubio and began to woo Carmen. After several months of informal relationship, the couple got married on November 5, 1881.
In February 1881, following the advice of Carlos Pacheco, one of his chief advisers, the president ordered Gonzalez Diaz’s nomination as governor of Oaxaca. Stable following elections, Porfirio Diaz took office on December 1 and according to the local constitution should remain as governor until 1885. when I was a student we didn?t even have and tables – that what every student needs A few months later, Diaz local congressional request a leave of absence from office indefinitely, and from there returned to the Ministry of Development. A few months later command a delegation that visited the major cities of USA, as Chicago and New York. In the latter town, Carmen attempt to visit his baptismal godfather, Lerdo de Tejada, who refused to receive it, citing the “betrayal” of his father by allying with Diaz. The couple were greeted by U.S. President Chester Alan school chairs Arthur.