The Pupils

Below the graph with the number of rightnesss meets: Figure 2? Graph on the question 5.6 Question: ' ' The involved energies in the functioning of the Io-i, are the energies: KINETIC and POTENCIAL' '. In relation to the functioning of ioi, the energies related to the movement of the same in the movements translacional and rotational, trick that many pupils had shown much interest, a trick already forgotten by the time, where many nor the least knew such toy, still motivated by the one effect led that it lit as sped up the same. The majority of the pupils obtained to understand this subject and made right this questo.7 Question: ' ' Which trick you more liked? ' ' It gives its opinion: At this moment the pupil left itself to take the freedom to display its criticizes to the involved tricks in the learning, where he could be verified that the revolving platform was a success, therefore called interactive attention for being, despite esteretipo of the dancer was used to stimulate the participation and the envolvement of all, answering questionings and becoming pleasant the learning. Figure 3? Graph of the question 7.8 Question: ' ' In its opinion, as it was our presentation? ' ' Private space so that the pupils made its you criticize to our work and, for the vision of the majority, it left the happy academics very, therefore they poderam to observe that the majority of the pupils had approved the methodology used and had obtained to improve its learning with our lesson. Below the graph with the opinion of the pupils: Figure 4? Graph of the question 8.9 Question: ' ' How you would evaluate its participation and the participation of its colleagues? ' ' In this question importance of the auto-evaluation was outstanding it, where the pupil had the chance to verify the attitudes its and of its colleagues during the presentation.