The Reconquest of

The Reconquest of Alihuat and the Battle of Campo Jordan’s offensive plan of General Kundt had been paralyzed in its operative end, the 7th Division Nanawa before, and the Third Division, near Toledo. The other two divisions, on support of those, not progressed in their efforts. The fourth division was still at Kilometer Seven and the eighth and third divisions, which formed the 2nd Corps and acted in the left wing, there was a continuum from more than 50 km. Kundt planned a move in this sector, in order not to lose the initiative.First was to define the status of the Fourth Division to continue fighting at Kilometer 7, following some officers of the First Corps, run a penetration move by the Paraguayan side Kundt Alihuat recapture the fort with the help of a private division that had been formed and was under his orders, the preparations were made with the utmost secrecy, we worked on the opening night of an approach road to the Paraguayan aviation did not discover the work of sappers.See also: First Battle of Bolivian Alihuat regiment Lanza led the way followed by Campos, Chacaltaya, Illimani, part of the battery 36 and Mendivil, while the regiment 36, the spear and protected the flank areas, the Chacaltaya and Illimani launched their assault, the 250 Paraguayan Arce defended it retreated to the regiment Chacaltaya occupy February 13 Alihuat , but finding within 40 mules, 12 head of cattle, a truck of food, a few military supplies and sanitary materials.The surprise appearance of a Bolivian division in the center of your device, was a blow to Estigarribia, not expecting so bold penetration, the day after the regiment arrived at the Champs-Saavedra Alihuat road, cutting the supply route of the First Division Paraguayan fighting in Kilometer 7, 12 and Jordan Field, after receiving information that the supply route to the First Division Paraguayan been cut by the Ninth Division of General Kundt, the 3,000 men of the Fourth Division counterattacked Boliviana more pressure to the Paraguayans, the Battle of Campo Jordan became stronger for the Paraguayans, who, not having a supply route were forced to quietly abandon their trenches at night, by a road built in secret approach spanning Via the grassy field, leaving the Fourth Division as the winner of the battle that had begun 4 months ago in the trenches of Kilometer 12 Kilometer 7.See also: Jordan Field Battle After the Battle of Alihuat , Bolivians seek to retake the Fort Arce, who after his capture 4 months earlier had become the hub of the First Corps Paraguay, but were driven at 15 km the fort by a strong defensive line, offensive Kundt decides to focus again on Fernandez to attack more freely maple but is again rejected by the Paraguayan forces the impregnable fort, later shifted his attention to Gondra, with the efforts of the Fourth Division but accomplished nothing significant, keeping to the Fourth Division in place setting a new front.