The Television Academy Last Generation

THE ACADEMY LAST GENERATION THE PRICE OF FAME … BY: JAVIER SANTAMARIA Since its launch on 30 June 2002, the musical reality show produced by TV Azteca way to becoming one of the most watched throughout Latin America in its five generations who gave the world the young musical talent to prolific that Mexico today. The walls of the house of the Academy have been witness to the aspirations, frustrations, laughter and tears, sacrifices and achievements of all those guys hungry for an opportunity that magically opened the doors of fame, thanks to his talent and charisma, combined in a reality that apart from finding the new idols of the song, fully exploited all this accumulation of circumstances connected with their private lives, limbs on top of melodrama as a formula to attract more ratings, apart from prefabricated shows or spontaneous starring the panel of critics, who in turn became the ruthless executioners of the dreams of the participants. Like any simple viewers have followed each of the versions of "The Academy", sometimes not get carried away by my instinct and other sheathed critical as such, but also enjoying a show watched by millions of people and the tabloid once labeled by many them, mainly because of profiting by exploiting the aspirations of these young and sometimes the hard way. But do not ignore the fact that despite all that weaving and carrying handle this type of format circumscribed, the bouquet of artists who have emerged from "The Academy" is very varied and cooled the world of song, figures emerging as Yuridia, Yahir, Erasmus Caterino, Star and many others had not gotten out of anonymity, not to be in a chair in the world of entertainment without vitrinazo of this popular reality. Everything in life has its price, nothing is free and fame is no exception. Yuridia Today is an important selling original records, despite the piracy that overwhelms Mexico, and certainly my view, the most outstanding and comprehensive interpretation of all impartiality, but also it is linked to Mr pointer that blessed him like a puppet on stage and he castrates naturalness, ease and minimal autonomy.

Miss you very much worth noting that Mrs. Lolita Cortes, I think you have been more objective criticism of all panels formed, although when he put the woman's eye to one of the members, their impartiality is questioned, but a woman sweeping her professional and sign up last minute, without mincing words in expressing their views. The finish line is approaching and have been sifting a good number of participants, are the most outstanding and those that have managed to steal the show as Luis Armando, who despite not having much talent for singing, is maintained by the voting viewers rating since it generates the production, as occurred in his time with the berrinchuda some gigs, which make budgeted AZTECA Diva, but find it a complete package of Chile "as we say in these lands and tired of inflated ego determined to expel mother board. Who will win the fifth generation?, Wilfredo Will, Fabiola, Matias, Perla, Ivan, Fatima, Maria Fernanda, Alex, Cynthia, Valeria, Esteban and Luis Armando?, Truth, could not yet give a final verdict, but most likely to win a woman, and most men are starting to wobble with their inflated egos as has happened to the charismatic Wilfredo. For now continue at the forefront following the ending of "The academy, the last generation."