The Way of the Heart

Pre-operative A heart transplant usually begins with finding a compatible heart donor patient newly dead or brain dead. Traplantar The patient is advised by the coordinator and entered the area to assess the transaction and receive pre-operative medication. At the same time, the donor heart removed and inspected by surgeons to determine whether it is suitable for transplant. Operative The patient is taken to the operating room and general anesthesia is administered. The heart can only be outside the body to be transplanted no more than 8 hours from the time of extraction. Peden two procedures were followed for the transplants: Orthotopic transplantation It begins when the surgeon makes an incision along the sternum to expose the mediastinum. The pericardium is opened, the large valves are dissected and the patient underwent cardiovascular bypass.The diseased heart is removed by the cross section of valves and a portion of the cardiac atrium. The pulmonary vein is severed, leaving a good portion of the circular containing the atrium to pulmonary vein to the right of the site. The heart of donor is carefully adjusted in the remaining space of the atria and valves and suture the area. The new heart is restarted, the patient is disconnected from cardiopulmonary bypass and the chest is closed. Heterotopic transplant In heterotopic heart transplantation, the patient’s own heart is not removed before implantation of the donor organ.The new heart is positioned so that both chambers and heart valves can be connected in such a way that effectively acts as a “double heart”. The procedure can provide the patient’s original heart a chance to recover, and if the donor heart suffers a failure (such as due to a rejection), this should be removed, allowing the original heart start to function again. Heterotopic The procedure is used only in cases where the donor heart is not strong enough by itself. Post-operative The patient is taken to the ICU for recovery. When they wake up, may be transferred to a rehabilitation unit. The time duration of this process depends on both the general health of the patient and the way the new heart is behaving. Once discharged the patient, it must return to hospital for regular checkups and rehabilitation sessions. They may also need help emotionally. Josyann Abisaab