The World

So that these forecasts of chaos are not materialize, it is necessary that each one of us pass if to acquire knowledge of that we have a responsibility parcel and, of rational form, to use with economy the water. However, she is necessary a change of attitude, a change of paradigms: a change in acting, collective staff and. The water has that to be used with parsimony and, for this, she is necessary to have the conscience of that we are contributing effectively to reduce the risks to kill our source of life: the water. 2. DEVELOPMENT 2,1 THE WATER, SUPPORT HDRICA, IS SOLVENT UNIVERSAL. Of all the resources, the water is unquestionedly the most important and essential for the beings livings creature, gift in the animals, the plants and the human being, as microscopical flows, not existing no form of life that is not dependent of it to live. Being also indispensable for daily activities, used in the industries, the cattle one, the agriculture and also in the hygienic cleaning of the beings livings creature and generation of energy. Of the rivers and lakes also food is removed.

Without water life would not exist, therefore it represents the joined inorgnica substance in bigger amount in the organisms livings creature and represents inorgnico composition more abundant that it supports the planet in general way all, being on with its water source that must be preserved. In accordance with Romanelli, the world-wide support of the great cities and metropolises directly is tied with the existence of water sources for the public supplying. The water is so important that it is a solvent of the life, therefore is capable to dissolve some substances. this capacity is basic in the maintenance of the life in any alive being that depends on innumerable chemical reactions in the blood, for example: the food digestion. The facts are represented by the Antonni ecologist ' ' The water is a basic substance for the ecosystem in the nature, it is solvent natural' '.