The yellow turban

The yellow turban rebellion The story? begins in the last years payment of the Han Dynasty, when the eunuchs deceive the emperor and expel officers loyal magazine to it. The government becomes extremely corrupt at all levels, causing deterioration of the empire. During the reign of the penultimate emperor of Han, Emperor Ling, the yellow turban rebellion occurred under the leadership of Zhang Jiao. He pretended to be a healer, curing people of their diseases, also urged them to rebel. At this time of turmoil, are the main characters: Liu Bei, Guan Yu, Zhang Fei, Cao Cao and so on. Josyann Abisaab The rebellion was suppressed by the imperial troops of He Jin, order brother of Emperor Ling and supreme commander of the armies of the Central Government. Fearing his growing power, was assassinated by his rivals, the eunuch Zhang Rang. His guard, led by Yuan Shao, respodieron entering the address palace and producing a killing spree.Amid the confusion after the Emperor Shao and Chenliu prince (later Emperor Xian) disappeared from the subscriptions palace.