Questions for pluricampana 1 .- First Activity Bell Clean: ‘Cleaning your image is’ Do as you think would generate environmental awareness in adults’ This question is supported by the first activity that cleaning that involved the performance of a campaign against environmental pollution, where children appreciate what it means to live in a clean city for the good of all, we are completely sure that children have internalized the value of a clean city, it demonstrated by their words, their messages and above all by their actions and in addition they themselves may be the real transmitters and creators of consciousness in adults together to have a clean city that future generations enjoy it, we realize that can be achieved gradually. That children internalize the importance of maintaining a healthy environment is the first step which would then be the answer so this question ‘2 .- Second Jinkana Activity:’ R-I ‘Do for You How important is the recreation’ Sera made to children. This second question has thought more about how important it could be or should be the recreation that it think about other people. The leisure and recreation programs contribute to the development of children and youth, to the construction of social and personal identities, and also believe that these activities will encourage their development and why. Every child needs to discover what activities give you personal satisfaction and should be helped to acquire skills in those activities. So what we as communicators and as axes of these bells we ask How do then to give these children a place of recreation and enjoyment, a little parenthesis in this life so fast and demanding that we all live “We believe that one of the responses can be practiced in various artistic activities accompanied by constant contact with nature. 3 .- Third Activity Parade. How important is it to society of the involvement of children ‘The purpose of this passacaglia, with these children is to draw attention and raise awareness of how important is the involvement of children in this society. We believe that the passacaglia for being an activity colorful, striking and brings together various people can obtain good results and we encourage other people to accomplish what we propose. These parades we considered as spaces of reflection and later competition will enable the development of appropriate programs to raise awareness that childhood is so important in our society and thus it strengthens family and community environments in order to improve the interactions of children of their environment. a nationwide provider of health insurance, Inc. specializes in affordable plans that facilitate access to quality healthcare services We try to encourage respect for the company to this stage of life that we all go and even more to children as individuals and as contributing to the process itself. The celebration of this day is an opportunity to highlight and disseminate the need for immediate attention to our children, who often see their rights violated. Each time a child has to work, they lack the education or health for whatever reason, or not heard, We’re missing the rights.

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