They Would Tear The Rock And Roll Music !

For at least two years I have attended different types of events large rock concerts with like stars, and novice performers until very tiny events involving only a youth. I put my hand on my heart, but the vast number of concerts I was scared. Most people simply lacked any musical beginning. This situation with each passing day seems to only get worse. At the moment I can say nice words to Only one young group implantants. This group, I heard for the first time in the town of Istra on a small festival, the group came specially for this event in Moscow. Then I was immediately struck by the level of this group – he was not a bit worse corporate performers.

Melodious songs, drive, energy and teamwork was perfect. Then I was not able to communicate with musicians, and as it turned out, to communicate with them at all an easy task. The Group has not yet seen any a punk get-togethers or in one rehearsal, they were not familiar to me talking a young team and they are not seen by a friend of rock stars and, in general, I've heard them since then only twice: in a recital in Blondes Xu Rock Club Woodstock (and, as it turned out the band played several gigs in one day), and quite recently at a concert of sneakers in the club Niagara. And, in my opinion, the more they did not speak. I am not clear what it is connected, apparently from a group of some of his plans in this regard. Maybe rock music for them only fun, but I want to say that entertains the staff is very professional and I saw the reaction of the audience, it is quite share my opinion. Likewise in Internet network is almost not their creativity, with the exception of one instrumental piece.

Not a band, and some ghosts I never thought that I might be interested in a young team, as domestic rock music I disappointed some time ago, but these guys are really aroused my interest. Prade second number I saw on the stage of familiar faces that I once again did not disappoint. Only on this day, I finally learned how to accurately is a group – implantants (implantants), as had previously been . I would be pleased to talk with the musicians as is a reporter for a small publication and could cooperate with the guys.