Totem Breaker

Totem Breaker is a new online entertainment absolutely charming that offers you to enjoy the typical elements of up of skills, action and arcade games! You’ll probably like this exotic air of the game with its incredible characters with the free game of Totem Breaker going to immerse themselves in a spectacular environment of the indigenous with their magical rites and Pagan beliefs. One of the tribes while celebrating the day of harvest and obsequiendo with the gifts of appreciation to their gods, be realized that the tribe’s neighbors was putting their own totem poles in their land does will be than that them could hurt and hurt them? probably, yes the tribe is now ready to withstand enemies and take revenge after the, but at the beginning, your task is to collect and destroy a lot of alien totems and kill the invaders without mercy or compassion. Then came the time when you yourself have to make decisions and act. You have to be ready, wily and brave in this new set of skills. Promises to the indigenous to restaurir peace in their land, return good luck and fertility destroying the enemies of the other tribe and jumping in air to the totems that you find there are three ways to kill your neighbors and eliminate the totems in this free online game.

The first mode is explode your goals using the strength of the tree (since the indigenous know how to use the help of nature). Click on the arrows pointing in the direction needed to pull your granada. The next option will be to use your ally and your best friend a bird to fly and thus pull grenades from the sky. The more complex option among all is to throw grenades into the maze where there are many hidden totems. Don’t forget that your main goal is to hit the enemy, and destroy the totems grants you more points. After each level will let you see your score composed of the number of enemies killed and deleted totems. Get the most possible as you can to help the tribe in that symbolic battle for! free them of witchcraft in this free online game arcade!