Traditionally it was

Traditionally it was believed that to maintain optimum health the daily diet should include adequate amounts of essential nutrients, this concept has been reassessed at this time that the food in their structure are a complex mixture of chemicals, and they contain physiologically active substances that meet, as well as essential nutrients, a benefit performance by helping to reduce the incidence of certain chronic diseases and are therefore necessary for a more harmonious and healthy life. Now that most people’s diet-health is a priority.The consumer diets for good health, and prolong the years of life, increasing distrust of food “processed” in parallel with the increase in the food market “natural” has created a state of “revolution” techno- scientific “functional foods” or “engineered food” According to the Japanese “functional foods” can be classified into three categories: Food based on natural ingredients. Food should be eaten as part of the daily diet. Food consumirses that play a specific role in human body functions funcionales/worldfoodscience/alimentosfuncionales.htm