The film is about a man, Charlie Fineman (Adam Sandler), who has lost his entire family in one of the attacks of 11 September. The story begins at dawn, Charlie walks through the empty streets of New York on a scooter, with headphones on his ears and his face expressionless, living his own world, because after losing his family Charlie was traumatized and never again the same. In the film Charlie is Alan Johnson (Don Cheadle), a dedicated dentist with a beautiful wife (Jada Pinkett Smith), and two daughters. Alan and Charlie were roommates in college of dentistry so they were very good friends. Alan also feel lifeless and empty, a spectator in his own life, dominated by their partners, their work and family, is facing sexual harassment allegations made by an obsessed patient Donna Remar (Saffron Burrows). Alan improperly seeks advice from a therapist who works in construction, Dr.Angela Oakhurst (Liv Tyler), referring to his status as a “friend.” First, Charlie does not seem to remember Alan, because after the loss of his wife and daughters Charlie lives in his own world. But is slowly remembering his relationship with Alan and resume the friendship, from some good times together. Quickly becomes apparent, however, that Charlie has no desire to talk about his family and that whenever the subject is mentioned, Charlie reacts violently or change the subject. The two men bond, as play games, go all night movie marathons, playing the music of Charlie team and live as if their lives were so simple as in his college days. Charlie spends much time in collecting records, playing in the shadow colossus, challenging people to trivia, remodeling your kitchen – every few months, according to its owner – and constantly listening to his iPod to drown world. Alan spends so much time with Charlie begins to ignore his wife, Janeane, and she starts to get a little jealous.But when Alan’s father dies, Charlie is unable to accept the theme of death and change the subject, invites you to breakfast and get out more. Still in shock at the news, Alan angrily refuses and leaves. A few days later, Brian met Alan Sugarman (Mike Binder), Charlie’s accountant, who is taking advantage of Charlie Alan when Alan offered a million dollars to maintain their friendship. Charlie Alan is surprised that kind of money and insulted by the aggressiveness and Sugarman hypothesis, and makes clear that not mad at Charlie and was simply annoyed by the news of the death of his father and could not contact him while that the adoption of provisions for a funeral and burial. Alan begins to understand that Charlie should not live in their own world and needs to deal with their pain, to move forward and reclaim her life.Charlie invites you to join him in his office to revive memories of their own practice, that sparks a violent explosion that leads to a hallway and disheveled office waiting room, a strong argument and Charlie first met Donna Remar, reaching a meeting to resolve the lawsuit. Donna admits that Alan sees another doctor in the building and sees him often in the elevator, and that its attraction was due to the detection of a kindred soul, how his contempt with his own – having suffered a painful right divorce after discovering her husband was living a double life with another woman. She drops the charges. Charlie develops a strong love with Donna, calling her “beautiful, like someone with a film of 1940.” Alan Sugarman meets to discuss what to do with Charlie. Sugarman says he and Charlie were once the best of friends and golf buddies, but since the plane crash Charlie wants nothing to do with him personally.Alan suggests that is exactly what Charlie needs someone who does not know his family at all and ask questions about your family or try to talk about them. He begins to understand his role in Charlie’s life and finds that is also the only one who trusts Charlie and can affect change for the better. Charlie is convinced that Dr. Alan Oakhurst and promises to go with him on lunch breaks. Charlie spends most of its sessions to take your headphones, Angela saying he is too young for this and end sessions early. Angela finally suggests the sessions were going nowhere and you need someone to tell her story to help himself, and not have to be her. Charlie left the office immediately and speak to Alan in the waiting room of the wife, daughters and family dog you lost.