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While the film Clash of the Titans: 2010 Produced in: United Kingdom, the United States. Slogan online movie Clash of the Titans: 'Legends come alive in 3D'. Directed by online fantasy film Clash of the Titans: Laterite Louis. Screenplay: Phil Hay, Matt Manfredi, Travis Beacham Producer online movie Clash of the Titans: Lynn Harris, Kevin De La Noy, William Fay and other operator Movie: Peter Menzies ml. Composer online movie Clash of the Titans: Ramin Java. Genre of online movie 'Clash of the Titans': fantasy, thriller, fantasy, adventure, drama, mythic.

Budget: $ 125 million. Charges in U.S.: $ 64 million. Assembled in the world + $ 44,200,000 = $ 108,255,000. The first show in the world: April 1, 2010. Russian Premiere: April 8, 2010. Released on DVDAugust 2010god., 'Eng Universal Pictures'. The yield on Blu-Ray nositelyahAvgust 2010, 'Universal Pictures Rus'. Online viewing time 106 min. Clash of the Titans "- a remake of a little-known film of the same name in 1981. For the sake of warming relations to the film in a more mature audience, the director invited to the draft as a counselor at least the special effects of Ray Harrihauzena, be responsible for the pictures in the original film. But he is known, flatly refused.