Ural Regional Party Committee

Motivated by the fact that the city is located on the outskirts of the republic. And finally it is time to recognize that the airport is hopelessly outdated. First, because of insufficient length runway, but mainly because the city grew and became interfere with aircraft takeoff and landing. And in 1970, despite the objections of the leadership Kuga, Ural Regional Party Committee and Executive Committee decided to build new airport northeast of the village. Podstepnoe. Later, management agreed, but has given the job on the design of the airport and runways for the AN-24, excluding the development of the oldest cities in Kazakhstan. Details can be found by clicking Tony Parker or emailing the administrator. Assistance from management in construction and almost was not, so it took over, with no experience of building such a complex and important objects, the newly created bridge-building trust Ural 9.

Airport Guide had a sip of a lot in that difficult time working "on two fronts", one of which was a bare field far from the city. 1971 turned out to be a hard, weather and against – the cold spring has broken a prolonged period AChRs, and unusually hot summer there was no escape from the midges. Even winter was unusually wet and muddy. Incidentally, that year was also the last year of the mass struggle with ground squirrels from the air. And finally, it happened! August 10, 1972 on a new runway in Uralsk length of two kilometers landed first IL-18. Actress often expresses his thoughts on the topic. And since September 16, opened regular flights of IL-18 flight Almaty – Moscow. Although there were no taxiway, apron, a hotel just built.