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Use of names in official language Greetings: My query is as follows. There is the fact that Wikipedia listed the names in Castilian. For example, “Ourense” Galician name was changed to “Orense” Castilian same name. Jordi Pujol, Catalan name should be changed by Jorge Pujol, Castilian name, but respecting the original. What is changing some and not others Thanks for listening attentively – Robertec (Dime) 15:05 26 Aug 2005 (UTC) Somewhere in the help pages you will find more or less formal teaching, but I think I can summarize a couple of ideas to develop. The issue is complicated to treat because some people put too much heart and other small left hand, which has led to disputes in the pages of Wikipedia, which so far I have escaped to participate. The basic idea is that wikipedia is a universal project with many branches. The identity of each is the language: the English wikipedia is not English, or the wikipedia in Spanish / Castilian Spanish / Castilian.Son of / for those who read and write in those languages. Josyann Abisaab Constantinopoli and Istanbul are the same city as in Castilian by the time we called Constantinople and Istanbul. Do not look at the wiki Istanbul Constantinople in the Greek or Turkish, not as head of article. Sometimes in the same town there are two or more language communities who call it differently. The sites, the landforms, the stars, … often have names (own) different in different languages. The Donau. the Dunaj, the Duna, Dunav, the Dune and the Danube, are all rivers that originate in the same place and end in the same place. The Danube is not one of these ways is called only on the sections in which passing through the area of a language (when there are clear limits), but in full (in fact bypasses the Danube Catalonia). The policy “generally accepted” in the wikipedia “Spanish” for place names is to use the traditional Castilian name when there is (and has actually used), and local when not.The other names should be added with a funnel, so that nobody gets lost. Sometimes it is misapplied, but no one has proposed a more simple and reasonable. Do not think only in Spanish castellanoparlantes, but all speaking the same language in other countries. The criterion is perfectly fair, it requires that each wikipedia the plan applies. So on the wiki in Spanish (Castilian is the name of this language) article titled there Catalonia, while for example in the wiki in Catalan have an article Espanya, not Spain. Projects like this we like to some precisely because they move to counter the homogenization of language, linguistic impoverishment. With any luck we’ll get rid of having to talk all the same ( “English …). Mandarin Chinese The name of my land in Catalan Castella (I’m from “i Lleo Castella”) and Galician Castela.If I knew Catalan (something I would like very much) talk about my country using that euphonious name. The criterion is simple: Wear Lle Espanya and on written texts in Catalan, and Leon in Spain written in Castilian. The problem of names is equivalent. Traditionally in Castilian (or other languages such as Italian) is used to adapt to local language, but this custom has been backsliding. It feels like disrespect a person to change the name says. I remember an encyclopedia of my childhood where it was Ruidardo Kipling! The criterion used here for personal names is similar to place names, no longer only Castilianize the names, so just local versions of old names. See for example the page of the Franciscan philosopher (and English) of the fourteenth century William of Ockham, not William of Ockham (in French wiki you will find as Guillaume d’Occam and in German as Wilhelm von Ockham). In Spain it is hard to resolve these issues with logic and respect for the bitterness from the dictatorship. For a longtime dictator (Galician) wanted to impose on all an invented idea of Spain, where the Cathode Ray Castile were the source and the center. Did not invent, but recovered, amplified and prolonged an already ancient tradition even decadent. But wikipedia is not the Spaniards or the Spanish, is everyone using the Castilian. Here is Cusco, kastilla similar and have the wiki Quechua Runa Simi Qusqu on. Wiki is not a celebration of human diversity A greeting. – LP 21:33 26 Aug, 2005 (EST) Thanks for the clarification. – Robertec (Dime) 17:43 29 Aug, 2005 (EST)