Versatile Aesthetics

In the marketing culture, in which we are inserted, the landscape of the profit in detriment of the personal or human growth predominates. To stimulate and to invest in the cultural production can be a way to favor the improvement of the works of art, instead of transforming them into simple entertainment. As example, music has passed for a great transformation, therefore in majority terms, it if it became accompaniment of dance and cloth of deep for social events. In the DVD History of the Rock, integrant (21) of Group YES they explain that at the time, as the public and the media searched this, the recorder gave &#039 to them; ' letter branca' ' to compose what they understood well; the more creative and different it was, better would be. Obviously that this moved radically for the future generations. It can have something tinned of what more the music of three minutes to touch in the radios? 12. While style, in the History of the Art is possible to find many artists who if had approached to the Aesthetic Versatilista, if not in all the beddings, at least to a large extent of them. (MANDARINO, 2010:152).

Not note in the Manifesto no specific indication on the use of the languages in itself. ' ' form sonata' ' (22) if it almost became a presented requirement after in the school of Manheim; the primary colors and the use of the black color were not almost a consensus between the impressionistas painters (23); the sculptures of the Renaissance were polishing in its bigger part and, the ones that it have not been, can be considered as unfinished. In the text the echo of an attempt of practical rescue of the artistic one without the searchlights of the estrelismo or the requirements imposed for the art market hears. Practical one where all can be inserted, without the label of the call talent lack (24).