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Hi Dodo: the paguina clear the visitor is very close to expelling him, whether it is not the same but very similar.
Freedom of expression is not exclusiba of the media. It is something much more general and covers all kinds of publications, including encyclopedias of any kind. Anytime, any project or agency comunicicon, as here, there is an editorial line that modulates the expression in it. This encyclopedia is a “free” and must be accommodated within the politics of truth and neutrality as well as the rules of respect all opinions, both in regard to the different versions of the lso different themes and different articles the criticism that you do on your page and elsewhere as the “cafe”.
Surely you have many reasons, not in vain you are a member of this community and very experienced partcipando in it, however I am a newbie who just got a few months of walking on these worlds, and yet I have not read almost anything of regulation. What if I have read is what their site visitors in mind, I had some rifle with raphe colleagues that led me to think that visitors have something right in his criticism. The truth is that if we all have some reason, some element of truth.
No visitor to defend, I do not share anything in their input and their views, I defend the freedom to criticize what they think this wrong.
Like any other partner, said in his opinion clear on the vote, I do not think is the correct method. But … I’m only a rookie, so my opinion is only one more and that has value, is a … You may not understand the whole project of wikipedia, but I move slowly on it, anyway just my opinion and I give my vote to the option you think best, nothing more.
I hope these lines will serve to better understand and improve our communication with them and this project has me very hooked. Greetings – Txo (talk) 16:10 14 Jan 2006 (CET)
Dear colleagues: say it is a free encyclopedia in reference to the licensing of copyrights of content, I believe that in this case, “free” goes farther (so I understand at least) as most those who do participate in an altruistic manner, ie caste something of our time and put some nustros knowledge for the benefit of others. This project marks a filosofia determine, specifically, where freedom is understood in a way that there is more to copyright. I understand (may be enforced either as you say) but I understand that in this project, as in all free software is in essence a work of solidarity between all involved and build for all. I like my affection for this “free” and therefore believe that this project has me hooked.
Now ask me how to act when the information is untrue, or neutral, and respectful, ie LOQ ue here has been described as “vandalism” because the line has been acting against vandalism (I have criticized, in private The ways in which some were addressed to me but not the fund, if an image can not be accepted by their copyright should not be accepted or if an information is not neutral to say and hang up the lack of cartelito neutrality and the false information must be clear) but … what makes a visitor in his personal page is critical attitudes that do not see the right, this critique, I think, is not clear if false, it will be disqualified and if there is some truth in it trying to fix it.
Well, forgive my “plate” but say that means the people talking … Getting in shape with just takes a few minutes each day. Greetings – Txo (talk) 21:41 15 Jan 2006 (CET)
Hello again, I understand the problem, which incidentally is verygeneral and important, exploit those tools to go against the system!, But we must act with care to avoid falling into the trap of doing what they complain and so give the reason. What I would make sure that would continue to care interventions visitors meet the parameters of neutrality, accuracy and respect that are covered in the wiki, which is acting as it has been to consider the criticisms that visitor and see what they can have some reason and try correguirlo.
Rioja deleting the page (you felt that you use the “immunity” of the website user to make the criticism) does not seem a good idea as it is to give arguments. Greetings – Txo (talk) 10:01 17 Jan 2006 (CET)
Hi Dodo, I watched what I’ve indicated and I have also read about the personal pages and the truth I have not seen anything new that invite me to change my mind. I discovered it a long time visitor, well … rioja is a lot of say about December or so, not as I saw a reference to the lei and the page. In our website you will find articles, lessons on-line and plenty of … Shoulder … wonderful things of Kundalini Yoga is the discovery. …
The shoulders tend to fall forward, the chest is closed, cutting the … Some adapted from Yoga exercises can help keep the column with …
… basic body for relaxation in yoga. Carla. 3 Comments … Then make sure your shoulders and arms are relaxed and loose, without tension. …