War in Pakistan: Battle in South Waziristan

In recent days, more than 160 people have died in Pakistan due to fighting between Taliban and Pakistani government troops, who seeks to end the presence of Al Qaeda and other terrorist organizations, ‘sealing off’ in a large-scale military operation, the territory controlled by the Tehrik-i-Taliban Pakistan. This time the military operation carried out in South Waziristan, a small mountainous region northwest of the country, bordering Afghanistan and has a population of approximately 500 thousand people. The army bombarded the militants in their sanctuaries in the border, lie to UN figures estimate that about 120 thousand civilians have been displaced by seeking safety and aid if the situation is so critical to have closed about 20 centers WFP food, distributing supplies to more than two million people. Afghans do not want to become wards of the United States stated who is asking that the US president to reassure the Afghan people. Insecurity and emergency is such that even schools and colleges are closed across the country carrying out orders from the Government after a double suicide attack on the Islamic University in Islamabad. A few months between April and May, the Pakistan Army carried out another similar operation in the Swat Valley. There were over two and a half million internally displaced and according to reports Irin News, human rights groups found mass graves after the fighting. Currently the attacks, as most suicide bombers are directed to targets police, army and officials as was the case of the Director of the Mission of United Nations Peace for Sudan, the Pakistani Army General Moinuddin Ahmed, who was vacationing in Islamabad. His vehicle, a jeep was attacked by two men who also killed her companion, another senior command of the army of his country. Pakistani troops have moved in large troops to South Waziristan in an effort that seeks to drive out of that area to the Taliban, near the border with Afghanistan could join the Afghan insurgents against government forces, U.S. forces and NATO.