Water supply

Water supply The water supply is guaranteed Curitiba mainly by reservoirs formed by dams and Piraquara Ira I, serving the region east of the city, and Passa na, which supplies the south and west. The population of Curitiba and its metropolitan area consumes approximately 7.5 thousand liters of treated water per second, which is supplied by the Companhia de Saneamento do Parana (Sanepar). Moreover, it is estimated that there are in the city over a thousand wells (mainly used by condominiums, businesses and hospitals), which together have the potential to provide an additional volume of approximately 1.5 thousand liters of water per second . During the winter droughts in recent years, water supply has been compromised at times. At those times have been scheduled outages of necessary supplies, which are executed in accordance with schedules set by the Sanepar.The works of the dam Piraquara II should be completed early in 2007 but is only operational until summer 2008, it is necessary a period of approximately one year for raising the water level in the reservoir formed, which will have a final capacity of 22 billion liters. Subsequently, provide for the construction of collection and treatment station Miringuava River, in S o Jos dos Pinhais.