We Need A Million Signatures!

Hello! I still compu in my house and stealing minutes at work … jijiji! I feel cut off !!!!!! I will be brief: The group of parents PDD-Parent, a year ago that are working together with some MPs to change the current 24,901 on Disability Law. While Valen was diagnosed with PDD, the proposed changes benefit all persons with disabilities, not just those with PDD, and that’s why I join them in this order. Those who want to support us, they only need to enter this web http://www.tgd-padres.com.ar/firmasporlaley.htm and join the million signatures that we collect to be finally approved (media sanction but health commission seems to impair …). In that same link is a template for those wishing to sign inviting people who routinely do NOT use internet (in this case should be sent before 20 November may be by mail, if so, contact me by email to give then an address) . The second stage will ask for a change other things (which many of us are lacking in this project), but the reality is that those presented are substantial improvements in terms of the guarantee to any person with care and uninsured. We will continue fighting to ensure that the Act covers ALL cases, but this is already a start!, No In the blog Manu, Alicia details some interesting modifications. Argentines can sign or citizens by choice, over 18 years. From already thank you very much !!!!!!!!!!! Below is the project with modifications for those who want to read it. Fabi DRAFT TREATY AND APPROVED IN COMMITTEE MEMBERS DISCAPACDAD (VIEWS 503 and 2785-D-O9) 503-D-09 Commissions on Disability, Social Action and Public Health and the Budget and Finance have considered bills of Santander gentlemen, Paredes Urquiza, Rejala, Llanos, Aguirre de Soria, Henry (G.N.) and Leverberg and gentlemen Morgado, Martiarena, Gullo, Acuna Kunz, Arguello and Carlotto and women Members Tabernise Vazquez, Cremer of Busti, Moreno, Leverberg, Areta and Roman laying requests changes to Law on Basic Benefits 24,901 Habilitation and Rehabilitation of Disabled Persons Comprehensive and, for the reasons stated in the report which is attached and will give the Rapporteur, advise the sanction of the following: BILL The Senate and House of Representatives … BILL LAW REFORM 24,901 ARTICLE 1 – Replace the Article 1 of Law No. 24,901 by the following: Instit yase by this law a system of promotion and protection to ensure the full and equal for all human rights and fundamental freedoms of persons with disabilities, promoting respect for inherent dignity. The National State ensure the full enjoyment of the right to health for all people with disabilities without discrimination of social, economic, cultural or geographical and all rights arising from 26,378 law. SECTION 1 A: Add Article 1 bis to 24,901 law: People with disabilities have the right to recognition everywhere as a person with full legal.It promotes, protects and secures the full and equal for all human rights and fundamental freedoms for all persons with disabilities based on a model of autonomy and decision making support. ARTICLE 2: Replace the Article 2 of Law No. 24,901 by the following: Article 2 Health workers included 23,660 and 23,661 laws, social security organizations, prepaid medical institutions, the social work of the judiciary, the Directorate for Social Aid Staff Congress of the Nation and the health workers who provide medical care services, regardless of the legal concept that they have, will deliver a compulsory, full coverage of core benefits outlined in the present law requiring the disabled affiliated to them. SECTION 3 – Add Article 2 a law to 24,901. The National Executive through theMinistry of Health, will be the authority for implementing the system of penalties for infringements in a timely manner to the present law, which consist of warning or fine which will graduate in an amount equal to or greater than one hundred percent of the amount corresponding to the benefit payable, and apply regardless of civil or professional liability that might apply.