What a Beautiful Beagle!

I am going to say that you have a dog? “If I have a dog, love, you’re going to love in truth. “Poor dog you have, ask God for it! “Do not be so hard on me, not my fault that you’re laughing me clumsy. The face looks with contempt, is a fool, do not even look. “I copied it to my dog. -Forgiveness? “I copied it to my dog! – What do you mean? -Look! – Strong whistle looked forward, I would imitate, suddenly came a beautiful Beagle run and throw up Danny – this is my Bruce, is not beautiful, you see I copied the dog. -Makes no difference whether we have the same dog, is a free world – bruce was beautiful … as the owner, only you could see that Bruce was more tender and more sympathetic, the moment my little angel began to play with Bruce. – Will get along beautifully brides-river again.

– Do not get me wrong but do not want my little angel I have something to do with you. -Uf … to do as you hate me? If you liked “Like I can not believe you’re such a straight face, you’re disgusting. – That I almost hurt …. but no – he laughed and looked at me with those seductive eyes and approached me, I said something in his ear is like tom but you do not like you as much as I like you.