What is Public Health at Chiloe

COLLECTIVE HEALTH: AN APPROACH TO THE BALANCE Jaime Burgos Ibacache Alejandra Leighton Naranjo A service model is built collectively from the territory where it is going to implement. In each area health systems are coexisting. We can characterize these systems: – Biomedical Systems (Western official) – Socio-spiritual-psycho-biological (SEPB): composed of various subsystems, such as the original, oriental medicine, therapies based on energy and others. Each of these systems defines health and illness, relationship therapist – patient, the knowledge, attitudes and practices concerning health and illness according to different epistemological concepts. This means that often people start a journey of healing based on a socio-spiritual thought-psycho-biological, in the search for new answers or complement the biomedical treatment. Taking into account these considerations, we propose a model of collective health that takes into account all systems return to equilibrium in a territory, which creates coordination when entering a dynamic model that can better account for the spatial or space local. This model, called Collective Health, has the distinction of being the biological psycho spiritual partner because it believes the person and their components embedded in a network of family, community, social and spiritual. Collective health is also developed in the context of a local area or territory in its daily dynamics is determined by factors that attack and others who protect it. Strengthening of Public Health that already exists and has existed in the territories passed to develop at least five strategic areas. 1 .- Development of a Sociocultural Epidemiology. 2 .- Adequacy of Health Care Services 3 .- Strengthening Collective social control 4 .- Strengthening Family and Community Strategies. 5 .- To understand the relationship of the environment with the individual, family and community For the development of these areas requires a methodology for Educational Action Research “from the dialogue to generate collective knowledge of the realities that allows to implement relevant actions, which by the nature of the process will be of greater impact and significance.