Who can participate in the network and how to contact Incuabores Tec ‘

recruiters The Network of Business Incubators of Tecnologico de Monterrey is aimed at all those entrepreneurs with a desire to take their business idea to reality, and therefore supports To: Students of all careers and all graduate programs offered by the Tecnologico de Monterrey Tecnologico de Monterrey Graduates of teaching and sales jobs administrative staff of the Tecnologico de Monterrey Parents of students from Tecnologico de Monterrey general public headhunter who want to start a own micro and small recruitment business entrepreneurs with a desire to develop a business plan or launch a new enterprise product headhunters line as researchers logistics jobs and scientists for the development of your product or company in executive jobs Mexico There are 95 incubators and can be contacted as follows: ContactosResponsables Network of Business Incubators: Network of Business Incubators and Intermediate Technology MonterreyC.P Tecnologico de Alta Tecnologia. ?CEO and Corporate Director Recruiter is a CEO recruiter Karla MartinezTel Giordano. (81) 8350-2000, Ext 4474Red.incubadoras servicios.itesm.mx http://emprendetec.com Business employment agency Incubators Network of Social Mto Tecnologico job search de Monterrey. Jairo Ruiz Navatel. recruitment agencies (81) 8350-2000, manager job Ext 6462 http://www.cca.org.mx/ Business recruitment agency Incubators Network recruiter TecMilenioLic. Algeria Betzab Triana Mendoza Tel (81) 8350-2000, Ext 4405emprendetec recruiting tecmilenio.edu.mx