With The “Bug Easy Hybrid” Voit Brings An Entirely New Type Of Golf Clubs At The Start

With impressive 450cm the Big Easy Hybrid will combine the characteristics of fairway metals with those of titanium drivers. Target group of the hybrid drivers are the high handicapper. These often have problems with long shafts and low lofts of Driver. In their desperation, they will resort to fairway woods. These produce with their small heads, but too little space and too much spin. The players with a handicap 36-26 should be taken with the new club, the fear of the driver and to build self-confidence. This combines with the V10 higher launch angle with shorter shaft lengths. The result: You feel safer, the driver has good control and hits the ball just got better. How to befriend a total beginner-golf, the faster the driver. Such investments can thoroughly. The testers were impressed by Golf Magazine in any event and even pay to see a new trend: “It would not be surprised if the hybrid driver brings a new trend in motion.”