Work methodology

For efficient development of our project, we divide our work in the following stages. Planning: Every so often we group meetings where we discuss issues of importance to the development of our project. Discuss ideas and discuss the feasibility of each. The group has a blog which is updated constantly to keep informed of the process.This blog aims to be a “daily life”. The performance report is also included in the project. These contain the progress of the project with our ideas, sketches and analysis. There will be 2 reports, one of progress and a final. Research: Data Collection. To take ideas according to contents seen in the course we will have a constant data collection.We will look at texts from the library, Internet, magazines and newspapers, information related to the project so be aware of possible innovations. Visit the MIM. We will visit the museum in order to review the scientific approach in educational field it is, knowing the existing devices and finally see the physical layout of the museum for our device is adapted to this. Professional support. Consulting engineers selected subject matter experts that can help us to determine the feasibility of our ideas, guide us in the design and construction of our prototype. Design and Construction: Once we have the ultimate idea for the project, quoting the material referred to in building the prototype, considering the constraints we have. Construction of the device based on sketches, drawings and analysis in the design. Tries: Prototype testing.Once you build your device to be tested to see if it complies with the minimum performance and safety.