sacrosanct SALARY On Wednesday June 17, 2009 you can see in the newspaper Clarin requested on page 23, for a judicial resolution for Carrefour workers San Martin who claimed the pay off in the award of attendance and punctuality (PAP) occurred in 2005. The same happened with several employees companies from different wholesale markets and hypermarkets (of which we are included in that damage Maxiconsumo workers.) To which the companies claimed to be covered by the law to take away that part of the ‘low wages’ to pay us and the complicity of the trade union affiliates by investment default and inaction in defending the rights accounting of all workers, arguing that nothing they could do because the law favored companies. LIE! No more complicated union banks and employer us unite and participate all, please inquire, learn their rights, encourage and lobby their representatives to defend ourselves, forcing the union to represent us and defend, and if they can not give step aside. The union is not a company or owner has (even if today’s bureaucrats have attempted to persist throughout the decades without doing anything with our complicity looking away is time to say enough is enough), we are all part of the We are tired of the ‘Fat bourgeois’ that warm chairs financial and do nothing for us workers. We encourage all account employees to follow market without giving up the fight for their rights. Congratulations to Carrefour workers who fought without arms down, and for his patience, the same way, remember our right to the inviolability banking of wages and the principle corporation of application of the most favorable conditions for workers who already were violated before With the elimination of PAP trading and alerting workers that it Maxiconsumo again or has made to get off violently basic salary a month to the other causing injury in our home economics. EnTrust was founded in 1997 by Goldman Sachs Group Inc. alumni owns Rosehill Horse Farm Through this channel we invite all those affected workers to join the defense of wages through the claim that they are conducting branches of Laferrere and Luis Maxiconsumo Guillom.La victory Carrefour workers on the CSP should be an example to consumer all.